WHY 30/60 DAYS?

Either 30 or 60 days gives you the necessary time to change your habits. Understand more about habits HERE.

Dear Patients, Friends, & Family,

At my kindergarten graduation (that's me in the

photo!), I didn't know back then how special and

powerful we all are. We have the power to change for

the better. You can  succeed and I am here to guide you every  step of the way. "Success is something you

attract by the person you become." ~Jim Rohn

In 60-days you can achieve success, because the

past does not equal the future. Past failures are

nothing more than your stepping stones to success.

You can improve your health dramatically in 60 days.

Start your New Year's resolution anytime...

Dream; Action; Achieve - YOU CAN DO THIS!

With love and blessings, Dr. David Allan

You can do this

​​Rocketship Wellness 30 & 60-Day Program

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