Welcome! We are thrilled you are taking action to make your relationship better, and excited to know that we may be part of that process. 

Each partner will fill out a confidential couples wellness intake form. You can access the forms by clicking on the links below. This is the first step to know if our program is a match for you, and if you are a match for us. Due to the personal nature of this program, it's vital that we all feel great about working with each other. Make sure to review the FAQs to make sure you qualify to work with us. After submitting  your intake form, we will review it and reply back to you ASAP.

This is an initial intake, and you will be presented with many general questions to give us a profile of who you are and your background. We will refrain from asking intimate questions until we know whether or not we will will be working with each other. 

Couples Wellness Access Portal

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