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Customized Wellness & Health Programs

Your Best Bet: The Rocketship Wellness 30 & 60-Day Program  

Other Programs

"Superior!  I have trusted Dr. David Allan with all of my clients as well as my family.  He is an unparalleled professional -- treating patients deftly with compassion, knowledge, curiosity and technique." ~ Laura Glasner, Owner of Energy Unlimited Fitness

A customized Rocketship Wellness Health Plan (RWHP) is geared for the individual that has suffered long enough with their health issues and wants and needs a trusted RS team to provide guidance, coaching, treatment, and anything else that is needed to help them succeed. RWHP is for the individual that is now prepared to take full responsibility for their health, is teachable, and ready to invest for a better quality of life. ​After close to 40 years of service, we are not governed by practice management firms nor insurance networks, and welcome the opportunity to think out of the box, and design a plan to get you well. Failure is not an option, and we'll do whatever it reasonably takes to partner with you support you every step of the way.

Other programs include a Stop Smoking and a Couples Wellness Program. As mentioned before, all of these programs are customized, and we welcome you to explore our website to understand how we can best support your health and wellness goals. 

It's your best bet because of the versatility in the program. The Rocketship Wellness 60-Day program can be used for weight loss or weight gain. It can be used to help clear out health issues or concerns from allergies to pain syndromes to a bad back to digestive difficulties. This is because we don't target "a problem", but work with enhancing and tuning up the entire body.  

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