Access to all benefits in bronze and silver plan plus the following:​

*2 to 4 full private days or more with Dr. Allan capped with a private gourmet dinner in your home or at a local 5-star restaurant.

The private days are to instill healthy lifestyle habits to build yourself and as a couple a strong foundation for a lifetime. Expect expert nutritional instruction for everyday meals, health food shopping tour, couples massage and more.

After the program is completed, you will be invited with Dr. Allan and his wife to a 5-star restaurant in the Los Angeles area TBD. At that dinner you can learn more power couple secrets. *The number of full private days will determine the price of the Gold Program.

*From $4995

60-Day Couples Wellenss Program Investment Options

NOTE: Before you sign up, please review the FAQs and then visit the Couples Wellness Portal. There are steps you need to go through to determine if you're accepted into the program. This is a benefit to all involved.  Everyone must feel comfortable working this program together. In addition, we only work with couples where we feel there is a good chance to succeed.



​Access to all benefits in bronze plan plus the following:​

Personalized hypnotherapy audio recordings that will help your success.

Private appointments scheduled weekly or as needed either in the office or over Skype. This could be for each partner or as a couple, and we will customize this component to best suit the needs of the couple.

There will be participation in the couples massage program. This will be another customized component to best suit the needs of the couple.

If you choose, there will be capabilities to have our massage instruction video recorded.




​Initial interview with each partner separately either by phone or Skype (45 min. each). No charge for this meeting.

All parties agree to work together and program begins. Initial visit at office with each partner separately (90 min. each)

Each partner receives a Kindle copy of the goal setting book Passion To Move Mountains.

​Assistance setting up your goals and personal statement.

Office visit as a couple (90 min. visit)

Unlimited communication via texting, phone, and email.

Access to hypnotherapy audio recordings that will help your success.


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