Depending on what you need, his services include but not limited to Nutritional coaching and strategies, foot care and custom orthotics, eclectic massage and bodywork (Shiatsu, structural integration and reflexology), postural education including Natural Posture, Auriculotherapy HP, physical therapy methods, cupping, hypnotherapy, wellness education and chiropractic care. Many of his treatment programs are integrated with the incredible EmbodiChair(the lazy way to improving your posture). We also have an elite massage staff trained by Dr. Allan to provide you with healing massage treatments.

Dr. Allan has been in the health field for close to 40 years, and continues to learn and grow about wellness and how to live an optimum life. He's progressive and adds modalities all the time in his practice and to his educational platform.   

Outside the office, Dr. Allan implements Rocketship Wellness Health Plans (RWHP) for individuals, couples and small groups, and is currently developing Rocketship Wellness programs for business and educational facilities. He is also extremely proud to be developing and presenting programs on Musicianship Wellness. Music is Dr. Allan's first love, and feels that music is one of the fundamental healing powers within us all. 

Besides his wellness programs, he has created the Best Couples Massage Program, and soon will be launching a membership program and a global community forum at the Rocketship Wellness Academy. 

When you're face-to-face with Dr. Allan, there's an unmistakable passion that exudes deep within his spirit that naturally wants to help you. With laser focus, he uses his intuitive powers as a healer to highlight self-wellness education that will empower and inspire you to live beyond your health dreams and personal goals. He truly believes and knows anyone can feel better if they have the right mindset and health guide to lead the way. He recognizes and respects the importance of allopathic and all health disciplines, and considers himself an integrated-wellness-healer using a variety of health and wellness modalities to get you better. If he can't help, he will expertly refer you to the right source. His philosophy is that all healing comes from within - the innate intelligence of our very own Rocket Ship.  

David Allan - Background

H  e  l  p  i  n  g     Y  o  u     S  o  a  r     T  o     Y  o  u  r     P  e  a  k     P  o  t  e  n  t  i  a  l

"If health is a treasure, then Rocketship Wellness is the key."

Dr. David Allan, D.C. started his health career with reflexology in 1980 and spent several years exploring all the major styles of bodywork and healing. Dr. Allan has created several health systems including Rocketship Wellness and Don't Stand Up Straight, Reflexatsu, Natural Posture, Auriculotherapy HP, Musicianship Wellness, Couples Wellness, and others.

In 1985 he began his chiropractic training and received his doctorate in 1990 from Cleveland Chiropractic in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Allan has taught bodywork from 1982 and is considered a master bodyworker with expertise in Chiropractic, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Compression Mobilization Technique™, Auriculotherapy and more. 

Dr. Allan has authored several professional DVDs and teaches and lectures on bodywork and wellness topics as selected schools, conferences, associations and corporations both locally and abroad. 

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