Musicianship Wellness - Evaluation & Treatment Offer

FAQs - ​Frequently Asked Questions

H  e  l  p  i  n  g     Y  o  u     S  o  a  r     T  o     Y  o  u  r     P  e  a  k     P  o  t  e  n  t  i  a  l

1) Why sign up? 

  • I have some pain, numbness, and/or some discomfort when I play, and want to find out what is the problem and what I can do about it. ​This problem is associated with one or more of the following areas: Finger, hand, elbow, shoulder, neck, or back.
  • I'm interested in gaining more speed on my instrument.
  • I'm interested to see if improving my posture can allow me to sound better on my instrument.
  • I want to improve your stage presence and performance.
  • I want to play difficult material with more ease.
  • I'm interested in learning how to prevent repetitive-type injuries that occur when playing any instrument for hours and hours.
  • I want to learn the best strategies when I practice
  • I'm ready to be proactive with my health, and want to learn everything I can to help insure my career as a musician and live a quality life into my old age.  


2) You say there is no charge for this... are there any hidden costs?

That's correct, no charge - no hidden fees. This is a complementary service to promote this program and help my musician brothers and sisters.   

3) Are there qualifications to participate in this program? Yes....

  • Must be a working musician.
  • Or a musician out of work due to repetitive-type injuries.  
  • Or a student enrolled in a post-secondary educational facility (like the Musicians Institute, etc.) or a university majoring in music.
  • There are some exceptions, and if you have any questions about qualifying, send us a note on our Contact Form.
  • Must be open to exploring new healthy habits, and embrace and incorporate touch and massage into their daily routines.

4) What happens after the first visit?

The first visit is the stepping stone to participating in the Musicianship Wellness Therapy Protocol (MWTP). The MWTP draws upon components and materials from the Musicianship Wellness Program. Dr. Allan has created MWTP to fill the gap in treatment and wellness education that exists for today's musician. For a limited time, if you can commit to this program 100%, then there is no cost to you. You will be required to purchase a few basic items, and the details can be found at the MWTP page.  

​​There's a lot more to discuss and we will cover more questions at our initial meeting. If you have any immediate questions, please call Dr. David Allan directly at (310)773-1993.

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