Musicianship Wellness Treatment Protocol

H  e  l  p  i  n  g     Y  o  u     S  o  a  r     T  o     Y  o  u  r     P  e  a  k     P  o  t  e  n  t  i  a  l


What You Will Need

  • Yoga mat. Purchase one HERE if you don't have one. This is for an inexpensive one that will work for the program. You can purchase one that is of higher quality HERE.
  • Foam roller. Purchase one HERE if you don't have one. Make sure to get one with the correct length. It should be 36 inches long.
  • Swiss exercise ball. Purchase one HERE if you don't have one. Make sure you get the correct size for your height. 
  • ​Goal setting book... The Passion To Move Mountains. Order this HERE.

​Program Details - This is the Treatment Protocol

  • There is no charge for this program, but you must purchase or have the above products before you start, and you must commit to the program 100%. You can first come for an introductory 90 minute visit to understand more before you make any commitments, decisions or purchase anything.
  • Together we will set a realistic goal for your recovery and use the goal setting program mentioned above. There will be a personal statement to read twice daily and I will help you formulate this one page document.
  • We will create a hypnotherapy audio recording for you to reshape your subconscious to move in the direction of health and healing. This will be used with the goal setting program.
  • Come to the office 2 times per week. One day will be a treatment (60 minute appointment). The other day will be a treatment and/or movement education (posture) and a ride on the EmbodiChair (90 minute appointment).
  • We will set up an exercise program for you to use with the above mentioned props... mat, ball, and foam roller. 
  • Along the way we will explore diet too, and other forms of exercise. 
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