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I am proud to communicate with the 

Welcome New Patients!

Information to prepare you for your first visit

Here you can schedule your initial 90-minute treatment or choose from the list of choices after you "click to schedule."

American public about the value of chiropractic care. Professional football is a very rough and vigorous sport, and I attribute my longevity and durability to a vigorous exercise program and chiropractic adjustments. 
Chiropractic gave me the edge to succeed, not only on the gridiron but also on the dance floor.” 

​​​-Patients in a car accident

(You can fill this out online and then upload it to the office when you schedule your appointment)

​-Nutritional intake

JERRY RICE. One of the game’s most durable players,

a 13-time  Pro Bowl football player who owns  38 career records and 3 Super  Bowl rings.

Unless otherwise arranged, new patients should schedule an appointment for 90 minutes. New patients should put NP after their name and their referral source in the schedule when signing up.

Unless otherwise arranged, we do not bill for insurance. Of course we would be glad to provide you with a chiropractic statement that you can submit to your insurance company.

Our preference is to collect fees when services are rendered. We accept cash, check or all the major credit cards. If at all possible please download the intake forms here, fill them out and bring them in with you. If you were in an motor vehicle or bike accident, call Dr. Allan or send him a message HERE to discuss the best course of action. He can help with all the details.

Forms To Fill Out
Save time by filling out the appropriate forms before your first visit to the office. Just print them and complete and bring them to the office when you come in. You can also fill out the General Intake Online form that will automatically be sent to our office (use this option if you don't have a printer, or would just prefer to fill your form online. 

-General patients intake

Print this out; fill it out and either upload it to us or bring it with you to the office.

-General patients intake ONLINE ONLY

Credit Card Processing