​​​​​​​2) ROCKETSHIP BODY  houses our Rocketship mind and is our vehicle to create & explore life. Here we will learn how to re-educate postural habits and improve our movements. The goal would be to learn how to work and play with the least amount of effort (greatest comfort) and grace. We can also evaluate and suggest exercise routines.  We also can provide conservative treatment methods using chiropractic and soft tissue therapies such as Shiatsu, reflexology, structural integration and more. 

3) ROCKETSHIP NUTRITION  is the fuel that supplies energy and brings life to our Rocketship Mind & Body. We provide guidance and educate you about food and supplements, water, sunlight, therapeutic touch, and love. 

Working and treating thousands of patients in health and wellness, We understand what works! Our mission is to teach and empower anyone that is  willing to take on life and take responsibility for their own health. 

We're here to take your Rocketship soaring to it's peak potential! 

Rocketship Wellness (RS) is the creative genius of

David Allan, DC, wellness practitioner and educator for 35 years. 

Program Philosophy

 Come Fly With Us to Better Health!

Think of us as your co-pilot and trusted friend -- an owner's manual for healthy living and a guide for being your best.

The Rocket Man and Woman inside of us always wants to do our best, but life can get in the way. It's important to have a life skills source that can guide and advise you, and help lay the foundation for your best and safest journey. 

To keep things simple, we categorize our being into 3 components:

The Rocketship Mind, Rocketship Body and Rocketship Nutrition.  

1) ROCKETSHIP MIND  creates our reality and steers us to our destination. Here we will learn more about personal development and building our self-esteem. Topics may include, but may not be limited to goal setting, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and meditation.   

The RS Progam Model addresses the whole person -- The Mind, Body and the right resources that keep us alive and well.

​​​​Our mission is to deliver premium quality wellness care and education in a simple, fun and entertaining way. We offer individualized programs, and programs for larger entities such as schools and other business.

You have the power to age with grace if you have a sky map and a RS Coach by your side. We encompass natural strategies to help you live longer, feel great and look your best.


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