H  e  l  p  i  n  g     Y  o  u     S  o  a  r     T  o     Y  o  u  r     P  e  a  k     P  o  t  e  n  t  i  a  l

​​Single Appointment

What's Included:

  • Initial phone interview with couple to review intake forms and discuss lesson plan
  • Initial 90-minute instruction at the office
  • Guidelines and movement education
  • Seated back, shoulder, and neck massage is the most common training
  • We are open for providing instruction to other body sections.
  • Note: There is no nudity & no sensual massage in the training.  

​​​Appointment Series
When you prepay for a series, you get 4 visits where each visit is 120 minutes long. With this offer you get an extra 2 hours of training for free. Total four 120-minute appointments at the office is our finest offer, and this is the perfect package to learn and review everything you need to give each other the healing touch you deserve.


Choose either a single appointment or an appointment series with Dr. David Allan, the world's leading expert on massage. Interested in a private home visit? Just let us know on the intake form and everything is possible if you are local. 


Who doesn't like free? Before you invest money, why not browse the Best Couples Massage Program to view free massage videos at our very own Rocketship Wellness Academy? All you have to do to gain access, is sign up for a free membership. We just require a name and valid email address... no credit cards and no fees. If you want instruction, you'll have options to subscribe to a paid membership or purchase one of our online classes. Click HERE to access the Best Couples Massage Program and the Rocketship Wellness Academy.

NOTE: Before you sign up, please review the FAQs

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