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Bobblology was created by Dr. David Allan, and is the launching

pad  to soaring your Rocketship to a healthier you.

Common Myths About Posture


For me to stay healthy, 

I need to sit and stand up straight.

Sitting or standing up straight is not the answer to wellness or good posture. In fact, good or bad posture doesn't exist. More on that next. To stay healthy in your body, you need movement education and a good paradigm on using your body efficiently and with more comfort. The statement sitting and standing up straight, reminds us to have an awareness of body alignment. This is an important factor to feeling good, but any posture should never be held continuously. You want to go with the flow, and feel yourself moving along with your breath.


In life I want to strive  to have

good posture, not bad posture.
Hmm... We believe there’s no such thing as good or bad when it comes to posture. Posture is just a position, and everything we do with our body should be considered a miracle. Correct, incorrect, good, bad, terrible, and poor are just labels and should not be associated with posture. Instead, we suggest to evaluate all movements on a comfort scale from 1 to 10, where (1) is the least amount of effort, and (10) is the most strain. Every movement creates a certain amount  of stress and strain, and our goal is to do activities with the least amount of effort, and therefore creating more  to maintain balance and move our body with comfort and grace.


What's the correct way to lift something?

Once again, there's no correct or incorrect way to lift. Instructions can be helpful, but the best way is lifting yourself or the object with the least amount of effort. This is the paradigm shift we must embrace. Movementship Wellness will provide this education, and you will get better as you practice the  basic fundamentals Movementship Wellness.

Movementship Wellness

is your key to feeling your best!


Rocketship Body™ represents the physical structure of who we are - our physical essence on earth. 

One very important aspect of our physical being is how we move in life. Take a look at how you feel right now. Most folks just tolerate aches and pains in the back, neck, feet, hands, shoulders, knees and don't realize were these maladies come from. More times than not, the answer comes from our everyday movements or lack of them. This is usually the source of a lot of pain and discomfort most experience. 

As adults, most body movements such as standing, walking, and working are unconscious. Then our paradigm on postures is sitting or standing up straight, or buying a posture brace…. or exercising, or taking a yoga class, or getting a massage, or a chiropractic treatment. Is that it? Is that all we need to know? Moving your body with efficiency and comfort requires movement education. This is the education you never received from your parents or grade school, but it's critical you learn it now. Movementship Wellness is the wellness ship that brings you the education you need to rid yourself from the pain and discomfort once and for all.

Here's your first exercise to practice

Using your mind and creating self awareness of yourself is the first step in the process of improving your movements. Use your mind to bobble your posture on a continual basis.  I challenge you to bring more awareness to your body when you are doing everything... especially while sitting and standing

Bobble Head. Visualize the head bobbling on the neck, like the head's attached to the neck with a spring. On the inhale, gently bobble the head up on the neck, and on the exhale the head bobbles back down. Now let's get a little more detailed: As the head bobbles up on the inhale, the chin gently tucks in and the neck curve becomes straight. On the exhale, the chin gently lifts upward as the neck curve returns.

Bobble Shoulders. Visualize the shoulders bobbling on the rib cage, like the shoulders are attached to the rib cage with springs. On the inhale, gently bobble the shoulders up and backward, and on the exhale bobble the shoulders down and forward.

Bobble Butt. Visualize the butt bobbling in all directions and is freely movable. Here's one way to move it: On the inhale, gently bobble the butt forward; pubes moves upward and the lower back curve becomes straight. On the exhale, the butt moves backward; pubes move downward and the lower back curve returns.

Bobble Feet. Visualize the entire body bobbling on your feet. On the inhale, gently bobble your body up as your feet arches lift upward as your knees rotate outward. On the exhale, gently bobble the body down as your feet arches lower and your knees rotate inward. .

AM-I = Awareness movement, and implementation

AM-I is our Methodology

  • AWARENESS: The beginning of your journey to heal yourself starts with awareness. The body has such an intelligence, and it's brought you the pain that is begging for your attention, and forcing you to take action. It's always best to work with the cause of the pain versus the symptoms.

  • MOVEMENT: Movement is life itself, and it's time to rekindle and embrace the natural laws of the body. As life dictates movement, it's best to go with the flow. Even when we sit still, the body is constantly in motion. Our heart beats and vibrates, our lungs take in oxygen expanding the rib cage, and every cell in our body is vibrating to perform the duties encoded in our DNA. When we were very young, our main goal was to move and explore. Somehow along the way societal norms got in the way with this plan. Grade school kids sit for hours staring at their phones and computers, and move further away from the body's thirst for movement. Soon we are all grown up, and out of touch with the very process that keeps us alive. The Alexander technique has a cute video that covers this topic well.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Implementation is the actual strategy you need to take to feel better. As stated from Dr. Deepak Chopra, there are only two sensations that occur in life -- Comfort and discomfort. When discomfort arises, we summon awareness, go with the flow, and take action steps to feel better.

Rocketship Body

whole body movements

One fundamental principle in movement education is whole body movements. When we move the body as a whole mindfully with awareness, the stress and strain of the activity is dispersed throughout the entire body. When stress and strain is distributed, then one particular area will not be burdened with excessive strain.... resulting in less effort or energy and more power. I encourage you to begin to pay attention to using your whole body when you do anything. This is a secret weapon to get more comfort and power in your life.

​Movementship Wellness creates BOBBLOLOGY

How do you get folks to shift their paradigm on posture, and learn new habits? Why that's simple… Provide quality education and have fun in the process! we've created Bobblology as a fun way to bring attention and awareness to your movements, and get the mind to give the body the direction and orders it needs to stay healthy. We need to constantly talk to our body, and make sure we are moving as efficiently as possible. Younger folks may not appreciate this right away, but as you get older, you have to get smarter with what you do with your mind and body. This will help you stay healthy and live a better quality life. So let's have some fun and bobble your body!

Click HERE to reach my Bobblology page and hear our posture rap song.

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