FAQs for the 60-Day Wellness Program (RW60)

H  e  l  p  i  n  g     Y  o  u     S  o  a  r     T  o     Y  o  u  r     P  e  a  k     P  o  t  e  n  t  i  a  l

1) There are 3 options for the program... Silver, Bronze, and Gold. Is there a quality difference between the options? Will I have better success with a more expensive option? 

There's absolutely no difference in quality, but the choices provide you with different support options.

Here are some reasons to choose the Bronze Plan:

  • Individuals on a tight budget
  • Self-motivated individuals not needing much support
  • Individuals familiar with cleansing-type programs or diets, and is in generally good health

Here are some reasons to choose the Silver Plan (most popular):

  • Individuals that have never been on an extended health program like this before.
  • Individuals that have an addictive eating disorder or serious health concerns.
  • Individual that wants to lose weight on the program.
  • Individuals that just want to help ensure their success on the program. The additional support will include an optional goal setting program, hypnotherapy, and chiropractic and/or massage treatments. This are fantastic support mechanisms that are the hallmark of RW60.

Here are some reasons to choose the Gold Plan:

  • Individuals with discretionary income that wants to experience a truly one-of-a-kind experience 
  • Individuals that demand the ultimate support. 

2) Is the RW60 a detox program?

For many, a detox program could bring up images of someone checking into a rehab center for some sort of addiction problem. Therefore, we've decided not to publicly market our campaign this way, but one must understand that a detoxification process will take place when you start applying wellness principles in any category to your life. Instead we promote our program as a 60-day wellness lifestyle upgrade. You can upgrade your economy ticket to first class, and have the journey that is remarkable and worth living. Get on the program and be the first class change you deserve.

3) Who can best benefit from RW60?

As mentioned in the literature and in the intro video, RW60 is a program for everyone. Although, most likely candidates will be the following:

  • Over 40 years old that have never done a cleansing program.
  • Chronic pain problems or syndromes that are unresponsive to any type of health or medical care.
  • Anyone that is overweight or obese that wants to lose weight the right way.
  • Chronic allergies that are unresponsive to any type of health or medical care.
  • Anyone suffering from fatigue that is unresponsive to any type of health or medical care.
  • Addictive disorders that involve over eating, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, gambling, video games, etc.

4) If the RW60 is modeled after the 60-day program at thedoctorwithin.com, why not just go there to do the program?

The RW60 has a support system that is totally unique. Thedoctorwithin.com website is where you can purchase supplements for 60-days and just read the support documentation for the program. We offer three levels of support. We offer proprietary methods that are proven, safe and effective. Also, the products at Rocketship Wellness are now different and everything is shipped out of my dispensary at FullScript.com. I encourage you to register HERE to have unlimited access to thousands of quality supplements from dozens of quality manufacturers... all at a reduced cost. If you are in need of a specific supplement you will no doubt find it here. On this site I've chosen 6 supplements for the Rocketship Wellness 60-day program.

The RW60 offers the guidance of Dr. David Allan, DC., and access to intellectual proprietary methods in hypnotherapy, goal setting, meal preparation support, and more.

5) Well, maybe I'd consider this program, but I'm just too busy and don't have time, nor the desire to prepare my meals. How can you address this?

In this day and age, that excuse doesn't hold water. You can absolutely do this program if you're busy and  don't have time to cook or prepare meals. We have several options for local individuals as well as most residents that live in the United States. You can team up with a company that will work with any diet and / or caloric requirements and prepare all or some of your meals. We can help get meals prepared for you to cover the entire 60 day program, or any schedule of meals that is needed. 

6) I've heard of a 3-day,  14-day, and all sorts of X-day cleanses and detox programs. I heard about a cleanse for the liver, a cleanse for the kidney, and on and on. Why your program and why 60 days? What kind of a cleanse or detox is this?

If you live in a capitalistic society, anyone can make up anything to sell. Before going into specifics, make sure you're dealing with a company that has a successful track record, and do your due diligence in all respects. Find out about the quality of the products and what claims if any are made. Find out about the support mechanisms available. You shouldn't feel pressured, and make sure you have your questions answered.

Regarding shorter time frame (1 to 14 days), understand the purpose of the program. There could be great benefit to shorter programs, and it all depends on what you're trying to accomplish. At Rocketship Wellness we've reviewed hundreds of programs and have worked with Dr. O'Shea's materials and products for over 20 years, and believe that a longer program allows one to reset negative habits with ones that facilitate long-term wellness. It takes time to change and it's not easy to reset habits. We keep things as simple as possible, and have created a program that is doable with an incredible amount of support. We're interested in greater, longer-lasting results that involves resetting habits that normally take time to learn. Also, many have abused their health for so many years, and this process needs to have the time to normalize. A longer program gives the body a chance to acclimate to a new diet regime, and a chance to bring balance to all systems of the body.  

We believe that the primary cleansing program should begin with the digestive tract. This is the main focus of RW60,  along with the cleansing of the blood vessels.  When the digestive tract is restored to a healthier state, then one can look at cleansing other organ systems.

7) How did you come up with the supplements for 60-day program?

Through careful study over a career that spans over 3 decades along with my own experimentation, I understand the best formula for a 60-day wellness program. The program is targeting and supporting restoration of the digestive system and could be likened to a modern day colon detox program. The supplements that make the most sense for me would be:

  1. Colon Detox - Helps cleanse the colon, revitalize the immune system, total body detox, and flatten the stomach
  2. ​Digestive Enzymes - Helps provide more complete digestion, no intestinal residue, blood detox and longevity.
  3. Probiotics - Helps revitalize the immune system, total body detox, normalize intestinal flora, and flatten the stomach.
  4. Hydrolyzed Collagen - Helps reinforce depleted collagen supplies in the skin, organs, and circulatory system.
  5. Oral Chelation - Chelate heavy metals and arterial plaque out of the system.
  6. Multivitamin - Helps neutralize free radicals, protect red cells, increase longevity, increase performance, optimize cell function, optimize physiology, and strengthen the immune system.
  7. Hydration - Drink 1-2 liters of water per day to help with oxygen transport, cell nutrition, muscle cell fluidity.

I've chosen the best products from the best companies. This is the minimum, and more products at an additional cost may be necessary depending on health status of each individual.

8) Do you offer any guarantees on the program, or a refund if I decide I don't want to finish it for whatever reason?

We guarantee to match your effort and energy on the program. You will be screened at the interview process to see if you qualify and we accept your participation. This acceptance works both ways, and everyone has to feel positive before we begin. This will help avoid program dropout, and believe if you commit for a full 60 days, your chances of success will be very high.

In this unlikely event you are unable to complete the program and want a refund, we will glad to refund you for any unopened products at the retail prices listed on our website. There will be no refund for the built in service fees, unless there is proof that we did not live up to our responsibilities.

Sometimes life can get in the way of completing the program. In this event, you can temporarily pause the program at any time, and then restart it when you're ready.

9) Do I have to give up my coffee habit or caffeinated beverages to do the program?

We're afraid that coffee and caffeinated drinks have no place on this program. We understand that giving up coffee could be a difficult thing to do, and we will help you along and give you the support you'll need when you're ready to commit.

If you haven't gone without coffee for a day or two over several years, we suggest you review the following videos HERE. Because of your addition to caffeine, there will be a withdrawal process that will take place, and that could be a very uncomfortable time. It's important to become educated on the process, and plan when the right time would be to start the program.

10) Can I participate in the RW60 if I'm taking medications for a medical condition?

It depends on the condition and your state of  health. This can be discussed at the time of your initial interview. If you suffer from a serious medical or mental condition, we suggest that the RW60 program and the supplements are evaluated by your medical practitioner. We would prefer to have their support of your medical practitioners before we begin.

11) I heard that I could go through ill feelings as I begin the RW60. Please explain what this is all about? Is this what they call a Healing Crisis?

For many folks, this program will be a drastic change from your current diet and lifestyle. I highly suggest you Click HERE to see this video. It's very important that you watch and understand this conversation. If there are a lot of stored toxins in your system, often a healing crisis will take place when these toxins re-enter the bloodstream during the detoxification-healing process. This should not be concerning, but a great thing to witness. Your body is always trying to live and survive. Your body will always respond to what you do to it. As we clean house in your body, this healing crisis can often occur. This crisis should not be serious and pass quickly. A crisis could include but not limited to headaches, fatigue, sweating, nausea, etc. Part of the program is having me on board to assist and support you. I'm just a phone call or email away to help. 

There's a lot more to discuss and we will cover more questions at our initial interview. If you have any immediate questions, please submit them to our RW60 CONTACT FORM -- it's the fastest way to reach us.

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