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Superior!  I have trusted Dr. David Allan with all of my clients as well as my family.  He is an unparalleled professional -- treating patients deftly with compassion, knowledge, curiosity and technique.

Dr. Allan has an incredible intuitive ability, a deep well of experience, and a calming presence that is sincere, positive and supportive. His gifts and abilities are unparalleled. Being a strong healer myself, I require a certain kind of special energy and strength in the people who help me on my own healing journey. His Five-Session package was just what I needed for initiating and assisting in a deep and important process of opening and healing for me on all levels, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. My body hasn't felt this good in a very long time! Thank you Dr. Allan! This is the beginning of another deep and important process of opening and healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Marci Javril, Vitality Expert

Massage, Movement & Yoga Therapist 

David Allan is one of the best Chiropractor's I have ever been to in my entire life. I have been to quite a few. He really leads the way with his techniques and you feel as though his hands were really created for this career in life. Sometimes you have to say little harder or softer, but with David, he intuits what your body needs and there is no need to tell him that. It almost feels like a roller coaster ride since you never know what he will decide to do next. But one thing is for sure, he gets the job done and very well at that!!

Dr. David Allan combines the best of deep tissue and massage with his chiropractic techniques. He will remove your pain from virtually anywhere in your body.  If you like having your feet worked on there is no one better than Dr. Allan. He is internationally renowned and has taught many courses on his techniques to practitioners around the world. 5 stars for Dr. David.

Angelica Arnado, AKA Jellybean

Performing Artist/Corporate Slave

 Laura Glasner, Owner

 Energy Unlimited Fitness

Vicki Matsumonji

Freelance writer for internet marketing

Emma Sharp, LAc
Master’s in TCM

I've known David some 35 odd years and we have a very strong and binding friendship. He is extremely reliable and trustworthy and you can always count on Dr. David. He's a great friend for many years and he provides incredible and wonderful services for his chiropractor work and everything else in his life. I strongly recommend him!!! 

William Lancaster, Professor, Graphic Design

Santa Monica College

Dafi Shanti, LMFT

David is a great humanitarian who cares deeply for many causes and people. He always works with compassion and his integrity is solid. David is a caring and dedicated healer. His compassion is obvious and his enthusiasm is catching. I highly recommend his services.

To define Dr. Allan as a chiropractor is like defining the wheel as a nice invention!!  He is so much more. If you're looking for effective treatment that is based on eclectic approaches, then Dr. Allan is second to none. I have known Dr. Allan for over 20 years, and to date, having traveled all over the world -- NO ONE comes close.

Dr.David Allan is not only a great doctor, but also an experienced healer and amazing person! 

Greg Krentzman
Economic and Workforce Development at LACCD

Dr. David Allan is a truly gifted Chiropractor and Reflexologist. His expert technique, healing work, and home exercise suggestions have helped contribute greatly to my overall health and wellbeing. Dr David is a warm and friendly person who is truly dedicated to healing. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for a experienced expert at the top of his field.

Dr. Pamela Maloney, L,Ac, PhD.
Clinic Supervisor at Dongguk University

Rebecca Gallivan

​​​Providing 35 years of service in health & wellness  

Laura Norman, Founder

Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology

Linda Goldman, Owner
Newbridge Mediation

Ben Schneider


Dr. Glenn Williams, D.C., L.A.c
Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Robin Rae, Co-Owner

Saturday Afternoon in the Unvierse

Armando Compean
Composer / Musician

Maureen Alexander, LAc

Maureen Alexander Acupuncture

David is very knowledgeable and offers a variety of treatments to help heal the body. I found him to be very kind and thoughtful. He not only treats the problem, but though his generosity helps you figure out the cause of the issue so that you can avoid getting in a similar pain.

Dr. Allan was recommended by my previous chiropractor when he moved out of state and I've gone to him ever since. While I can count on him whenever there is a back issue, that has become almost non existent over the years. His integrated approach, which includes Eastern medicine, introduced me to one of his teachers, Dr. Huang, who treated my health projects using auricular therapy. He continued the treatments, maintaining the work Dr. Huang did and I have seen positive results for hypothyroidism, back pain and other issues that have either been reduced or no longer exist. I recommend Dr. Allan.

I have known Dr. David Allan for over two decades, and he has consistently been on top of his game: teaching, healing, muscular therapy specialist, advisor, inventor, and musician. He is always synthesizing a myriad of modalities to fine tune them for higher pursuits, using wellness and awareness as his guide. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a consummate professional to show them the way! I love Dr. Allan as a friend and associate. He's a real Rocket Man for the 21st Century!

Dr. David Allan is an amazing Chiropractor and Therapist. He is truly a healer and has helped me with my back and feet issues for the past 20 years. After you see him you will not want anyone to give you a session because he is truly the BEST! His expertise about the body is not only book learned but intuitive.

Ampomah "Ampy" Koranteng

I've known David for several years as a healthcare professional in chiropractic and nutrition. He is very knowledgeable in his profession, a true healer.

María Margarita López


Daivid Allan Rocks! He fixed me up in a hurry... and the best news is I did not need to go back! Thank you, David.

Talya Meldy, Owner

Clearway Health

I have been a very happy patient of Dr. David Allan for almost 20 years and have recommended him to many people.  I’ve never had a chiropractor who understands the body as well as Dr. Allan – he is phenomenal! From my perspective, his secret is the holistic, integrated approach he uses, tailored to each person’s needs.   I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Allan’s skill and caring!

Maya Shlanger, LMFT

Clinical Psychologist at Dr. Maya Shlanger and Associates

I have problems with my hands hurting deep where the thumb bone connects to my hand. Dr. Allan was able to figure out what was going on and causing the pain and irritation and worked on my hands, arms and back (it was all related). Dr. Allan's knowledge is quite diverse and expansive and he utilizes various therapy techniques to help you feel better. He is a firm believer that correct posture is important to solve a lot of problems and I tried the Embodi-chair and was amazed how my whole body felt! I have since purchased one and using the chair does help my whole body feel better. Dr. Allan uses a holistic approach to healing your body and also helps you deal with the root of the problem...for example, some of my hand problems are the result of stress. Dr. Allan is helping me deal with that. I am a guitarist and so is Dr. Allan, so it is nice to have a doctor that can relate to what it takes to play and the issues that can happen from playing incorrectly or too much. I would recommend Dr. Allan not only for music related problems, but also for all types of health and wellness, because it is all related and also includes physical and spiritual well being. Thank you Dr. Allan for making me feel much better! 

I came to Dr. David Allan with an upper back injury. Very quickly I noticed great improvement that allowed me to continue training in the gym. What I appreciated very much was Dr. Allan's wide range of knowledge and his willingness to share his knowledge. Never have I encountered I doctor who follows up on his patients with detailed E-mails regarding their injury and advising both during the sessions and thru mail how to improve their situation. I thank him very much for his care. 

Elaine Lew, Owner

Zen Management Group

Dawn Marie Larkin, CBS Director

Off-Air Media Planning/Marketing

Shalom Hadad

Care Giver

Bill Flocco, Owner

American Academy of Reflexology

I have come in here having problem then come better then new -- Problems with my wrist back shoulders legs. I'm a firefighter and athlete. He is very good and the best at what he does. 

Dr. M. Anne Rardin, PhD.
Music Program Specialist, The Harmony Project

David is a wonderful professional Doctor who is entrepreneurial and innovative.

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Ana Paula Perez

Product Manager

Deborah Wiss
Independent Mental Health Care Professional

Dr. David is a highly trained health professional & bodyworker who takes the time and attention necessary to get great results. His knowledge is diverse and his techniques are appropriate to the patient's situation. He is dedicated to serving people's health in every way, and offers personal beauty supplies, nutritional supplements and food products of high quality. I am confident recommending his services to any of my clients, and I do quite often!

Dr. Allan is an incredible Chiropractor! His attention to my posture as a foundation to what may be causing my pain has helped me take away some insight and self care practices. I always feel so much better after I see him and the effects last for a long time. My favorite is that he adjusts the bones in my feet! I find that his treatments tend to release a lot of blocked emotional energy as well. As a licensed acupuncturist, I recommend him to all of my patients with any kind of pain issues as a great complimentary medicine. 

I have been seeing Dr. Allan for 12 years and have had tremendous benefits from his treatments. There is no one way to describe what it is he does, as he uses a variety of techniques and has an unlimited vocabulary in the Art of Body work and Chiropractic. I can honestly say that my Life would not be the same without him because he keeps me running smoothly. I am also fortunate in the fact that we have become good friends and share much Humor and Good Music, which are also both very important elements in healing. In a five star rating, I would give him a Six. Thank You Dr. David Allan

Gabrielle Olko, Acupuncturist

Waves Of Healing

Dr. Allen is not your average Chiropractor or Massage Therapist (though he has all the appropriate degrees and certifications for both). He is a bit of a Scientist and a Healer who knows the human body well. He is able to hone in on the source of what is producing one's pain, and by utilizing fine-tuned chiropractic and fascial release techniques, he is able to greatly reduce and even eliminate pain that other Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, and even Physical Therapists are not able to. If you have tried everything else and nothing seems to work - give Dr. Allan a try. You won't be disappointed. 

 See video testimonials HERE 

Dr David provides a unique combination of deep tissue massage work and chiropractic. A great way for relieving pain and reeducating the body out of the pain spiral. I would highly recommend his work.

David is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about massage and pain relief. I’ve had the pleasure of being his patience for over 10 years, during which I had a back injury and he helped get back to my feet. Above all, I was impressed with his ability to help me heal really quickly. It is always a pleasure to work with David and I highly recommend seeking his help as he is very professional and knowledgeable in his industry.

What can one say about Dr. David Allan. He has saved me numerous times from body parts going SOUTH. Sciatic and can't walk for weeks, he took his time until my body was back and I could walk. As a pharmaceutical representative I had no choice. Dropped something on my hand and could not use my hand, he worked from the shoulder and my whole arm and hand. Backaches, headaches, and foot problems. No one knows his trade like Dr. Allan, and I should know as a trained massage therapist who learned some of his incredible techniques.

Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, D.C.

Chiropractic Nutritionist

Kathy Boxer

Independent Distributor at SeneGence International

Sean Nass, CEO
Sign Centrix

Nick Speropulos

Property Manager/Leasing Consultant/Chauffeur

Dr. Allan's treatment is the best of many worlds, because he is truly an expert on chiropractic, deep-tissue, myofacial release, reflexology, and trigger point massage. Lasting one full hour, you are not carted off an inferior massage therapist and then adjusted by the doctor. All inclusive, is one way to describe how talented this doctor of chiropractic is. Every person that I have referred, also gives rave reviews. I suggest a package, as that is honestly what your body will enjoy and open up to. One treatment wonders concern me, and although one treatment gave me great relief, it was better and better as I went along the journey in David's trustworthy hands.

Shelley Alexander, Holistic Chef

Essential Oils Educator

I've been seeing Dr. Allan for over a 15 year span. Dr. Allan has been there for me in dark hours of pain, most recently after a car accident which landed me deeply out of alignment. I have sent family and friends to see him and he has taken care of them in the same professional and caring manner. 5 stars say it all. Thank you, Dr. Allan

Jeff Floro, Musician

Jeff Floro: All About Guitar

Dr. Allan has always taken great care of me. His knowledge of anatomy and understanding of numerous healing modalities have consistently given me great results from every visit.  He also has a deep sense of compassion as a healer and never rushes.  I highly recommend him.

MaryAnn Armbruster, Retired 

Elham Torbati

Physical Therapist

David is a very knowledgeable enthusiastic and caring chiropractor. His hands on skills is extraordinary and effective He treats his patients with care and respect. Thanks David 

Katharine Muller, Founding Dean

SMC Center for Media & Design

Corrina Wright, Art Administration

Daniel Weinberg Gallery

I've been a patient of Dr. Allan's for well over ten years. He's a masterful chiropractor and an amazing healer. You feel better just seeing him and you feel 200 times better after a session. His massage is incredible and he'll give you a thorough one before doing any major adjustments. It's the best combination. Dr. Allan works out all the muscular kinks and then once relaxed, he adjusts your back, hips, neck, feet, where ever needed! I've seen him for lower back pain, neck kinks, even once after I hit my thigh on a tree skiing. He put me back together after child birth and I recently saw him for a sore foot and ankle. He worked his magic. He adjusted the alignment in my hips, adjusted my foot, gave me exercises and shoe supports and literally, my foot did not hurt the next day. Dr. Allan is in tune with his patients, my whole family sees him, and uses specific techniques for what ails you. His only flaw, he's so good, I don't have to see him that often! 

David is a very talented bodyworker and chiropractor par excellence. He practices ashiatsu massage with his feet on a pneumatic table that he lowers and tilts. As a massage and Rolf client of over 25 years, I was reluctant to see a chiropractor. Now, I make an exception in David's case because he is not the usual chiropractor. Most of David's sessions are deep tissue massage followed by a brief chiropractic adjustment at the very end of the session. Three sessions with David was transformative.

I have chosen Dr David Allan as my preferred DC because he is a true miracle worker. He can help with any sports injury I have had over the years - even those I was skeptical about. Just saw him yesterday and my right elbow that was injured from twisting at my Ju Jitsu classes and which was hurting for months is so much better today. Dr David Allan has really amazing hands and know what he is doing. I would not trade him for another DC as I had poor experiences before with DC's who are looking more into your wallet or use machines to warm you up. Dr Allan is hands on - multiple practices practitioner.I haven't been happier for having chiropractor like Dr. David Allan in my phone book.

Barbara Barnett, Aflac Insurance Rep
Taylor Insurance and Financial Services

Dr Allan is an exceptional chiropractor who uses a unique "body work" style. He has studied for years and really knows his stuff. He is extremely honest and easy to work with in any business relationship. I recommend him,you should use his services. It will be a very beneficial situation for you both. 

Joyce Marie Partise, Owner

Skin Care at Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills

Joel Sender, Principal Consultant

Abbott-Rhoades, Ltd.

It has been my privilege to know David as a superb healer for over thirty years, during which he has that unusual gift of being an eternal student of new and additional ways of helping his patients have better results, better health, and the resultant higher quality of life. David also has been a highly respected presenter at Professional Conferences and Conventions around the country. Anyone who goes to David can be assured that the wide range of healing modalities he has studied and mastered, will give you a remarkably excellent chance at healing. And, he will be the first to tell you that the healing process is a team effort, between the best he can offer you, and your active participation and self-responsibly for your healing.

I have known David Allan for nearly 25 years up close and personal. We have a wonderful client, Student and friend relationship. We've seen each other through the hard times as well as the gravy era. A man with integrity. 

I came for healing and stayed for the continuous improvement. Dr. David Allen is a skilled healer, a health expert, and a teacher able to relieve pain and lead the way to a healthier life. 
I am grateful to him for helping me cope with the damage of two auto accidents, and the relief of pains that had limited my activities for many years. I credit his skills and guidance for the ability I now have to walk pain-free for miles at a time. On a scale of 1 to 10, he is clearly an 11!

David Allan is a highly skilled Reflexologist and educator who has made great contributions to the practice of Reflexology. I am grateful that David has brought his inspiration and vast knowledge to my Reflexology Training Center in NYC, and I value his support and friendship over the past thirty years.

David Allan is a genius, his hands are magical, and he is amazing at finding and unlocking pain at its source.  He has done this repeatedly for me, and keeps getting better all the time. 

Ilona Malygin

Sales Manager

David Allan is more than your normal chiropractor! I am so grateful I found him. His work has helped me physically and emotionally in a way that no one else has before. Other chiropractors I have been to often do a bit of a crack crack adjustment, see ya later. Not David. He was very in tune with what my needs were and used multiple modalities including adjustments, cupping, stretches, acupressure, tuina massage, and various other things. He also gave me tips and exercises to follow out home which were very easy and helpful and have made a HUGE difference in my life. Thank you David for all your help and guidance and love. His true passion is to heal and to help others fly above and get well! 

Konstantin Malygin, Business Administrator


David is one of the most phenomenally talented chiropractors & body-workers I have ever known. (And I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur in this area, if I could say that - having partaken in many kinds of bodywork for over 30 years, and having written my dissertation on musicians' medical injuries) Musicians - take heed. As a professional musician himself, he has a special sensitivity and understanding in this area. His soft-tissue work on the neck and upper extremities is quite outstanding. And he is a wellness coach, with areas of expertise well beyond traditional chiropracty. I recommend David with all my heart. He is a beautiful and wonderful gift to this world!

David is an ethical professional with excellent skills and teaching ability.

David is an amazing Doctor, he has fixed me so many times after other Doctors wanted to do surgery. I go to David and a a few months later I'm brand new.

Brian Buchiarelli


Sheldon Small, Owner

Multiple Photos

Adrianne Allen


Dr. David Allan is a healer and an intuitive seeker of blocked meridian pathways among many other things. He was able to unlock my frozen shoulder in just one visit. I continue to utilize the advice and info that he gave me during our session and have been able to keep the pain from worsening. As a dancer and performer I have the utmost respect for Dr. Allan as I know where his heart is in terms of helping people. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to upkeep a healthy, happy and joyful body! Aloha 

Kenneth Cloke, Mediator/Arbitrator

Center for Dispute Resolution

I developed a painful case of sciatica along my upper leg. It was difficult to get out of bed let alone to walk. I had been to Dr. David Allan some 10 years ago following a motorcycle accident and I went back for my leg pain. Over about 5 sessions, Dr. Allan pushed and pulled the right spots, gave me a series of exercises to do, referred me to web resources (his and others), and the sciatica pain decreased to the point where it's now totally gone. Dr. Allan is very skilled chiropractor, extremely knowledgeable and has a great way of relating to and working with patients.

My family and mysef used Dr. David Allen's services for many years. He integrates many different techniques while working on the body with amazing results. Give it a try and you would love it!

David is an excellent Chiropractor, knowledgeable and well-respected by his peers. He regularly expands his store of treatment modalities by attending conferences and often presents at these conferences. He is a trusted healthcare provider whom I recommend unreservedly.

David Allan - Rocketship Wellness

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