Treatment Series

​After so many years in practice, we've found that a treatment series is your best bet. Besides saving money,  the cost and the commitment are reasonable. The greatest part of a series is  the commitment you make to yourself, and an openness to see if our services will help you. One treatment is seldom enough time to evaluate for a condition or health problem. When your series is complete you will have a much better idea how to move forward with your health goals.   

Options / Pricing

Securing a series represents your dedication and commitment to improving yourself. The treatment series consists of 4 prepaid visits at a 20% discount off of the single treatment price. Single treatments are priced at $50 per 15 minutes of time. After your initial treatment, you will have the option to choose either a 30, 45, 60, or 90 minute treatment. 

As a series member, you will have the option to add 30 minutes of rest time on the EmbodiChair™ after any of your treatments. In order to take advantage of this special, add 30 minutes to your online appointment. For example, if you plan to come in for a 60 minute visit, schedule for 90 minutes; If you plan to come in for a 45 minute treatment, schedule for 75 minutes, etc.

An additional benefit includes discount access to the wellness education at Dr. Allan's Rocketship Wellness Academy. Here you will learn fundamental wellness tools like movement and postural education, self-massage and the Best Couples Massage Program, and more. 

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